The Covenant of God – Hardcopy


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First Publication Date:  January 26, 2014

ISBN: 978-978-931-183-5

Page Count: 104

 Binding Type: Paper

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Language: English

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Category: Christian life/Personal Growth

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In whatever situation I find myself, whether in plenty or in lack I always feel special. And one of the reasons why that is so, is because I am a child of the Mighty God who keeps His covenant. To think that God is not obliged to make a covenant with man, but still He did, is in itself reassuringly awesome. And He didn’t just make a covenant with man, He swore by His name knowing that there was no-one greater for Him to swear by. Then He sealed the covenant with an oath, and then He gave a sign as a reminder for us His loved ones to hold on to.

God didn’t have to go through all these stress to make a promise to us, but yet He did and it’s not just a promise, it’s a covenant. A binding declaration that can never be altered or compromised in anyway, just because He loves us. He benefits nothing from this covenant, it’s all for us. And then the content of the covenant is another aspect of the issue that makes me feel special all the more.

With God putting all these in place just to show us His children that He is and always will be there for us and still the people of God are suffering, is a thing that calls for a big wake up call. Surely we are missing something if we have such assurance from God yet we are not in possession of what He promised. So the book “The Covenant of God” is a revelation book that shows us who we are in Christ, what we have been promised by God to which He swore by His name and sealed with an oath and how to take possession of that which we have been promised.

God said His people perish for lack of knowledge; it’s such a shame that sometimes we so dearly need what we have and we don’t even know that we have it or we don’t know how to reach it. You will learn more when you read the covenant of God.



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