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Book Editorial

Its the norm to assume that in a typical marriage setting more responsibility is expected of the man than the woman, and this is a very convenient conclusion to come to when in truth the man is the head of the home. But based my own discovery, the tilt is to the other way. The genesis of marriage was based on God’s discovery that it is not good for the man to be alone and so He made a suitable help for him in the person of a woman whom He brought to the man as wife (Genesis 2:18-25). Based on what I have discovered in the Bible, God never gave specific areas of attention in which the wife is to come in an help the man. So it is just the reasonable conclusion that in any area where the man needs help, the woman has been formed by God to step in and help.
With this revelation, I have come to see marriage in another light other than a place of just sleeping and waking up, raring children and expecting the man to be the superman, while the wife waits to be pampered. Marriage is a big call to duty, and not a duty assigned by man, but a divine duty assigned by God Himself and to Him we will give account.
Knowing now that your marriage is a call to duty, the next thing to know is “what is my responsibility and role in marriage?” Unlike the popular thought that a woman is the weaker vessel meant to be idolized, the woman is actually the base support of the home. The first responsibility assigned to the woman is to be a suitable help to her husband. From the revelation of the word of God in Genesis 2:18-25, the woman is a suitable help designed by God for her husband. We should note that God never gave specific areas of the man’s life where the wife is to come in and help, and so that tells us that in every area of a man’s life where help is needed, God has packaged that help in the wife He brought to the man to marry. No wonder we read in the book of Proverbs 18:22 that “he who finds a wife has found a good thing and obtained the favour of God.” So in you as a wife is packaged all of your husband’s help and favour, based on the truth of the word of God.
Going forward, if we are able to understand well that we as wives carry the favour of God for our husbands and also the help of our husbands within us as the design of God, then it is our God given assignment to release and deposit that favour and help in the lives of our husbands each time the need arises. Bottling it up in us and not releasing it amounts to disobedience to the purpose of God for our lives. The revelation of this truth and the obedience to what the Lord has revealed to us, is the beginning of a peaceful and lasting marriage.
“Behind every successful man they say is a woman,” in an ideal situation I will rather fine tune that proverb to be “Behind every successful man is his wife.” If as a wife in your home you have become an entity your husband can adequately do without then you need to start to do something about it. Based on God structure of things you carry in you your husband’s help and so you are supposed to be indispensable in his life, a part of him that he cannot adequately function without. If you are not yet there in your husband’s life, then there is so much work for you to do.
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