God’s Rules of Engagement in Marriage

God's Rules of Engagement in Marriage

  • In every area of human life, there are rules and regulations guiding our existence; and non-adherence to these rules definitely leads to chaos and unpleasant results. And just like in every other aspect of our everyday life, our marriage also has it’s guiding rules and regulations and non-adherence to these rules is what has resulted in the high rate of divorce and violence in marriage. In marriage, we are familiar with the man-made rules which are quite convenient for us to follow yet destroying the marriage institution that God has established. Marriage was established by God and when He established marriage, He did so with its rules and regulations in place for it's effective and smooth running. These rules and regulations over-rides any other rules and regulations set by man either as a family tradition, tribal norms or community standard. These rules from God are His success codes for every marriage. These rules are very simple yet they are the rules we have found most difficult to obey simply because of the pride of life and hardness of heart. The end result of the non-adherence to these rules is the too many divorce cases and violence in marriages as we are seeing them today. The book “God’s Rules of Engagement in Marriage” is gleaning from the throne of God on divine revelations and explanations of God’s rules for our marriage and it’s application. These are simple rules to follow and will be made even easier with the help of the Holy Spirit. I am a living testimony of the efficacy of the application of God’s rules in my marriage. I have a happy and peaceful marriage today simply because I followed the rules of God in my marriage. If you desire to have a wonderful marital experience too, then this book is a must-have for you. ISBN: 978-978-923-804-0  Page Count: 135  Language: English Category: Christian life/Marriage & Long Term Relationships