One Big Secret to a Successful Marriage

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One Big Secret to a Successful Marriage

Have you have tried to examine your marriage to really justify why your spouse should actually remain your spouse. What thing of value are you depositing in the life of your spouse that he/she sure can’t get elsewhere? If in your mind you can’t lay hold of at least three things that are of value that you deposit in the life of your spouse that gives him/her a reason to place you as a priority in their lives then you are the biggest problem of your marriage.

First, we need to understand that is not about what you can get from your marriage as much as what you can give to it. It is about giving your best to uplift the one you say you love. When God says He is joining a man and a woman together as husband and wife, it is so that they help each other be the best that they can be as a unit and even individually.

A wife who wishes to keep her home needs to begin to prayerfully find out ways in which she can improve the life of her husband in a manner that no other person but her can. An impactful wife is a valued wife; a valued wife is a respected wife, and a respected wife is a loved wife. But to enjoy all of these and more from your husband there must be something you are doing to him that no one else is, that makes him value you so much.

A man might look at a woman and love her because she is beautiful but over time the love starts to wane and thin out once he is realizing that she adds no value to him. And as a woman, I can confidently say that a woman responds positively to affection. A woman will serve wholeheartedly a man who shows her love and affection. So as a man, what are you giving to your wife that she cannot imagine getting elsewhere?

This singular thing is a big bond in keeping your marriage together for a long time. Value begets value and the more you give value, the more you get value in return. A lot of times I preach prayer in my marriage blogs and honestly nothing is beyond prayer because what God cannot do does not exist. But when we pray, we also do. The essence of prayer is to get direction from God to act right and hit target. Acting without praying is like acting blindly and you cannot guarantee a positive result from your action. But when you pray and let God lead you, you are certain that your action will hit the mark and produce the desired result.

So if you are in marriage just for what you can get from it, the longevity of your marriage is unsure. There must be something of value that you are pouring into your marriage that will yield for you the value you desire from it otherwise you will be as one who wants to reap where he/she has not sown. The more value you give, the more value you get.

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