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The Wife and Her Value

Often times we hear of women falling into depression, becoming suicidal, needing rehabilitation, developing high blood pressure, and issues such as this basically because of issues in their marriages. These things are reasons why a lot are advised to go the way of divorce rather than remain in a marriage that is not working. On face value, this advice might be right, at least judging from the human perspective it might appear to be the only life-saving option available at that time.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that should be enjoyed and not endured. And even though like every other thing, it comes with its challenges, disappointments, betrayals, and sometimes this betrayal cut so deep and can be painful and heartbreaking, still it’s a challenge that we should face, fight and win without bruises and scars because the One who fights with us and for us is One that can never be defeated.

As a wife, you need to understand that you are first a woman before becoming a wife and even though your duties as a wife are huge, it should not take away the fact that you are a woman. Also, we need to understand that without losing our sight of what God expects from us as wives you matter to yourself too. Never get caught up in trying to be the best wife, and then forget that you first need to be the best you. One truth you need to carry on within your life is that your husband isn’t responsible for your self-esteem. It is called self-esteem because you are the self in the esteem. It is all about you. Chadwick Boseman says you should be the hero of your own story.

The script of your life is a responsibility you share with God. You first need to place a value on yourself before your husband can value you, and no matter who tries to run down your value, you need to ensure that you uphold that value. The security password to your heart is in yours to possess and another person can only take hold of it when you give it to them.

Being a wife does not demean your worth, and being a godly and submissive wife actually makes you more powerful than you think you know. Your submission to your husband is actually to God through your husband and the reward of that submission comes from God. But if your husband goes the way of ego and pride and forgets that your submission to him is a responsibility to him, then he chooses to do so at his own disadvantage.

As a wife, I have experienced deep pain before, but those pains birth the marriage blog that you read. I found great purpose in my pain and great things have been birth in my life from the place of pain, yet I did not suffer any health issues, rather I learned to guard my heart against the attacks I experienced then and now I am powerful. I learned to run to God and sought strength from Him, I still seek strength from Him to date. I learned strategy, I learned to hear and not listen, after a while, I learned to sit and not hear. So, I began to select what I wanted to hear and those things that aren’t good for my mind, I closed my mind to them.

I am married to the same husband with a better outcome now. I have earned the respect of my husband basically because rather than diminish my value, I keep walking on it. I submit to him daily as the Lord would have me do but I improve on my self-worth daily too. I own my sanity and even though I get hurt that sanity is still mine to keep. I maintain my marriage based on wisdom and not emotions and the grace of God has been my guide. It can be yours too. Your marriage good or bad should make you stronger rather than weaker. The strength you display would eventually earn you the respect of your husband if you keep at it.

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