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Violence In Marriage

In my few days of speaking to women on marriage issues I have discovered a very big challenge with violence in marriages. Probably the very demanding economic situation is beginning to create a lot of tension in homes. It was not a big vice in the days of our parents for husbands to beat up their wives, but with the accelerated increase in the knowledge of the things of God that most people claim to possess, then violence in marriage should be a very big offence.
The wives being the ones at the receiving end of the rod are the ones mostly affected by the vice and should naturally be the most determined to seek a solution to this big problem. Yet it appears as though they are the ones helpless in the matter. There is an increase in death and permanent harm done to spouses as a result of marital violence and thus there is need for a timely intervention in this matter.
A lot of people will advocate divorce or separation as a means to combating this marital menace, but is that God’s willful approach to this or there is still an approach better than divorce and separation in handling marital violence? Is the wive who is the assumed punching bag to the rather lack of self-control husband able to bring about a change in that man from the assumed monster to a loving husband that he ought to be? Is it possible that the monster in him was birth from the nonchalant and uncaring attitude of the wife? Is there a way out of this other than divorce or separation. These are the questions that you can get answers to as you click on these links:,