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The Wife and Her Marriage

There are two laws of marriage that are sure to guarantee a successful marriage and these two laws we find in three Bible scriptures of the New Testament. We find these laws in Ephesians 5:22-31, 1 Peter 3:1-7, and Colossians 3:18-19 and it says, 1) Wives, submit to your husbands as unto the Lord, and 2) Husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the church. And surprisingly the inability to abide by these two laws of marriage has been the major cause of a lot of troubles in marriages in our days today.

So many people have added a number of conditions to these laws. Some have given it diverse interpretations as it suits them. But these laws are just as simple as it is written. It says the wife should submit to her husband and no condition or attachment was added to this law from God. Also, some have grossly misunderstood the law, some have tied it to timidity and then a lot of husbands have unduly taken advantage of this law to wives forgetting totally that with that law to the wives comes a huge responsibility to the husband and expectations from God to him. So, it’s not just about your wife bowing down to you. It’s about you showing respect for the bow you receive and handling the bow with every sense of responsibility and duty to the one giving the bow.

Before we address the husband, who is to be submitted to, we will first discuss the wife who is to submit. Submission is defined in the dictionary as “to yield yourself to the authority of another.” So, what it means when God says to the wife to submit to her husband as unto the Lord is that the wife is expected to yield herself to the authority of her husband as she would submit herself to the authority of the Lord. As a wife, there is no need to submit to God when you find it difficult to submit to your husband.

The synonym of the word submit is obey. So, to say that obey and submit are similar in meaning or they mean the same thing and can be interchanged for each other. So, you cannot be said to obey God when you are yet to obey your husband cause the law of God to you as a wife says to obey your husband. When you disobey your husband, you disobey the law of God over your life and so disobey God.

Another thing to understand is that there are no “ifs” or “buts” attached to this law. It didn’t say submit to your husband only when he is good to you or loving you as he should. It just says to submit to your husband as unto the Lord. When you view the situation in today’s world, we are tempted to think that today’s kind of husband is not what God was referring to when He was giving such a law. But you cannot beat the wisdom of God, and if you will take all His other laws and embrace all the other promises of the Bible, then it important that you note that this law is also worth embracing and running with.

Submission is not a sign a timidity but strength. Submission in marriage is a sign of your trust in God and His laws, it is a sign that He can and will do for you in your marriage what you cannot do on your own. Paul says that when your own obedience is complete then all the disobedience in your life will be dealt with. A wife who desires a beautiful and successful marriage is one who will take the matter of submission in her marriage with a sense of seriousness that it requires.

Once when I was trying to understand what God was trying to get at with this issue of submission, especially for those with troubled marriages, the Holy Spirit ministered an illustration to me that I have shared on my blog post before. It’s like a man been sick and taken to the hospital, on examination, it is discovered that the man requires surgery. The surgery is carried out by a surgeon, but then he requires assistance and equipment. In the theatre table, the sick man in on the operating table, the surgeon is over him doing what he knows to do best and an assistant nurse is standing by to hand each tool to the surgeon as he requires it. It is important to understand that its not the surgeon who prepares for the surgery, but the nurse. She must have provided and prepared in advance all the tools that the surgeon would need before he even arrives to carry out the procedure. So as the surgeon needs the tools, the nurse provides them instantly.

This is how it is for a wife in a marriage, especially in a troubled marriage. You are God’s given helper in the life of your husband. If we assume that your husband is the one needing surgery, then God is the surgeon and you are the assisting nurse. It is your duty to make available all that God requires to carry out the surgery on your husband. The change you seek in your husband starts with you being able to provide for God the tools He needs to work on your husband. These tools include your submission, your obedience, your respect, and reverence for your husband. With you doing your part, you give God room to do His part which is what He alone can do. You cannot imagine how long your submission and prayer can go in making your husband into the man that you desire him to be in your marriage. If God has said you should submit to your husband, it’s because He knows how effective submission is in bringing about the result that you seek in your husband. You might not understand it fully, but if you can trust God and His words and pray, you will surely experience the result you desire.

Submission and prayers were what healed my marriage and I am a living witness of its effectiveness. Obeying God is extremely profitable. It appears tough but achievable by the grace of God in your life.

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