Because the Lord Seeks Godly Offspring - Ebook


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Parenting in this generation needs all the attention we can give to it. No matter how much of a walk you have had with God if you refuse to train your children right, that might be a big question mark from God that might cost you all that you have worked for in the presence of God like it did Prophet Eli. “Because the Lord Seeks Godly Offspring” is a good parenting tool for today’s parents.

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ISBN: 978-978-931-181-1

Page Count: 44

Language: English

Category: Christian Life/Family

Because the Lord Seeks Godly Offspring

  • There is one man I respect so much in the Bible and his story is found in the book of Job and his name is Job. From what the Bible says about Job, he was a very wealthy man and in fact he was the greatest among of the men of the East in his days. He was also a man who feared God and shunned evil, but of all these attributes of Job, he didn’t overlook or undermine the training of his children. The Bible tells us that Job the rich man would ensure that he purified all of his children after each feasting period and he would sacrifice to God on their behalf, thinking, perhaps they may have sinned against God while in the spirit of feasting. But there is another man in the Bible; he was in fact a prophet of God, and his story is found in the book of 1 Samuel 1-3 and his name was Eli. This was a man of God whose only sin recorded in the Bible was that he didn’t train his children well. That was his only undoing as a prophet of God and on that note he perished with his untrained children and his entire lineage also perished with him. Are we seeing a lot of Elis' in our world today? It’s time to avert the wrath of God from our lives just because of the oversight of training our children in the way of the Lord. The book “Because the Lord Seeks Godly Offspring” gives us insight to the mind of God on this matter. In it you will find God’s expectations from you as a father based on Bible truth, you will find out how your actions and deeds affect your children and how your children's actions and lives affect you, with examples from the Bible. Who did God mandate to train the children (His generals)? This you will find out in the book. Also, reading the book “Because the Lord Seek Godly Offspring” explains the role of a father and mother in the training of their children as revealed in the Bible. Another great addition to your collection of spiritually inspiring books that you will not regret purchasing. ISBN: 978-978-931-181-1 Page Count: 48 Language: English Category: Christian life/Family  


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