Stressless Toil – Hardcopy


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First Publication Date:  September 15 2013

 ISBN: 978-978-931-180-4

 Page Count: 115

 Binding Type: Paper

 Trim Size: 5” x 8”

Language: English

Color: Black & White

Category: Christian life/Professional Growth

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I lost my job twelve years ago and we all know that with joblessness comes poverty. And sincerely I experienced poverty and it wasn’t a good feeling at all. And it so lingered that it felt like that was how it will always be. And then I went to God and we began this walk together and then I discovered that hard work is good. It pays to work hard, but what are you working hard at? And then I discovered something even more interesting, found in Proverbs 12:24, which says “Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in slave labor.” And then I found something else in Proverbs 18:16 that a man’s gift will make a way for him and place him before great and mighty men. So putting all these together I arrived at some truths: 1). It’s good to work hard, but at what? 2). Diligence is what rules. So I will rate diligence above hard work and 3). You have a gift and that gift in you is on a mission to make a way for you and place you before great and mighty men. So with this discovery and in the situation of joblessness that I was in, I began to walk/work myself out of poverty.

The book “Stressless Toil” would help you just as it helped me. No man was created by God empty. We all have a gift in us put there by God to make a way for us and get us to the place of rest and abundance. God did not create some to be rich and others poor, but the difference between the two is what they know and the determination and persistence to succeed.

This is another must have in your collection of life-changing books. It will bless your life in no small measure and it is the word of God put to action with the aim of getting the desired result that you seek in a godly and upright manner.


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