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Marriage is a very beautiful thing though it’s been smeared with many soar stories and with the advent of social media, it’s fast becoming an undesirable institution.
A lot of people have entered into marriage completely unprepared and in truth love does not sustain marriage; otherwise we won’t have such high divorce rate and violence in marriage as we do today. And I dare to tell you that even our parents don’t know exactly what it means to be married.
While they are still struggling with their own marriage and merely managing to keep it together, they have little or no idea of how to help you keeps yours together. It’s a race you need to run on your own and find your own balance and haven in marriage.
With the exposure in the world today, wives of this generation cannot endure what their mothers endured in marriage, and husbands have become less men than their fathers were. This has in no small measure affected the marriage institution.

Now get a glimpse of it:
“Marriage is you swearing to God before all men present that you are willing and ready to pour out all of yourself in making your spouse a better person, all the days of your life so help you God.” This is not subject to how good or bad your spouse is (remember it’s a for better or worse contract you signed to), it’s a venture that only the grace of God is all your need to see you through. And it’s God who assesses and rewards your performance.
Now how do you intend to pull this through? How would you accomplish that which you have sworn to do before God and man?
When you understand the basics of marriage and you have the willingness and temperament for it, you will make a success of it. “The Marriage Handbook” is very a handy book to help you through it. It’s ‘a must have’ for all married people and those intending to marry. In it you will find great and godly secrets to a successful marriage; habits to imbibe and those to drop to help you make the best of your marital life. You will also find in it loads of true life stories that you can learn from. As long as you desire a wonderful marital experience, “The Marriage Handbook” will help you achieve same in a godly and rewarding manner.

The best companion for marital success. It contains useful tips for both the husband and the wife and the husband to be and wife to be.



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