The Sacrifice that Pleases the Lord – Hardcopy


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First Publication Date:  April 22 2014

ISBN: 978-978-931-182-8

 Page Count: 91

 Binding Type: Paper

 Trim Size: 5” x 8”

Language: English

Color: Black & White

Category: Christian life/Inspirational

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To give someone a gift is not as beautiful as to give someone a gift that he/she appreciates so very much. So there are gifts and there are special gifts, and such is the case of the gift of Cain and Abel in the book of Genesis 4.

Understanding that all things come from God and that He lacks nothing makes it important that when giving God a gift, we make it a special gift that He appreciates much. But another factor that is important to God even though we may take it for granted as human, is the motive behind the giving. Because the Lord lacks nothing and is in want of nothing we then appreciate that it’s not the size or weight of the gift that makes it a special gift. So it’s important that when we give to God, we give right.

If God lacks nothing and is in want of nothing, why then do we need to give God gifts? The story of Noah’s sacrifice in Genesis 8:20-9:17 gives us insight into one of the many reasons why giving to God is a must. Giving to God is a powerful secret to a successful life not just on earth, but it is also important in building for ourselves treasures in heaven.

The book “The Sacrifice that Pleases the Lord” tells you all you need to know about giving to God. And unlike man, it’s not all gifts that are acceptable to God. Your sacrifice must be from a contrite heart and a broken spirit. Buying and reading this book is a great booster to your spiritual relationship with God if you desire one.


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