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About Me

I always want to introduce myself first as a happy wife to a very wonderful man by the name Mobolaji Peter Obasa and we are blessed with four glorious children. I never stop to bless God for my family. I have really being blessed by them.

And then I can move on by saying that Aderinsola Adejoke Obasa is a B.A(Ed) Economics graduate from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria. She is from Nigeria, and she resides in Nigeria. I am an inspirational blogger with focus on godly marriage and a godly lifestyle in every area of life. For four years running, I have been the sole author of the blog and that has been the platform on which the Lord God Almighty has delivered power life-changing posts through me with the aim of re-orientating many to apply the rules and word of God in their marriages for an assurances of a beautiful and wonderful marital experience. Loads of feedback have been on how the blog is impacting lives and marriages.

I have learned a lot from the blog write-ups as much as I have shared my own personal experience in marriage with hundred of readers who visit the blog regularly. I have being in a very terrible marriage before and through the application of the truth of the word of God I overcame that challenge. I didn’t have to get a divorce, I didn’t have to change husbands, I have the same husband and still in the same marriage and having a time of my life now and it can only get better. You can read a bit of my marital experience here. What I enjoy in my marriage, you also can in yours, and with God there is no failure. So in your free time you can visit the blog¬†archive and enjoy some life changing posts that will give you a better understanding on how to make your marriage work the God’s way. You can also bookmark the blog page and always visit there; there will always be a word from God waiting for you.

As God’s writing pen, together we have authored seven (7) life changing books and copies are available on the book store of this site at affordable prices with very convenient check out procedure. These books are written solely on the truth of the word of God. They are worth more than their money value, they are gleaned from the active and living word of God and they are on a mission to create hope, get you steps closer to God and unravel the secret truth of God’s word. If you have enjoyed the blog then you will understand that these books are worth more than their money’s worth. You can get copies for yourself and loved ones who need encouragement and you need to reach out to. Ebooks are also available on the Ebook Store.¬†These books promise to bring about for you divine insight into the truth of the Bible on issues that bothers on our everyday life, that will change your life for the better forever.

You can also reach out to me for free if you need to talk to someone. Just send me a message by filling the simple form on the Contact Us page and I will get back to you. We can glean the word of God together and be victorious in every area of our lives. Till I hear from you, I will say, God blessed you always and loads of love from me to you.